What Is Safe Deposit Box And How To Use It?

Rafael Alun Trisambodo uses the Safe Deposit Box (SDB) service to store assets in the form of cash worth IDR 37 billion. Even so, many

Rafael Alun Trisambodo uses the Safe Deposit Box (SDB) service to store assets in the form of cash worth IDR 37 billion. Even so, many of us may not be quite familiar with safe deposit boxes. What is a safe deposit box?

Launching from the official OJK website, Saturday (10/3/2023), it is explained that the Safe Deposit Box (SDB) service is a rental service for treasure boxes or securities that are specially designed to be made of steel and placed in a strong and secure vault. fireproof to keep the items stored secure and provide a sense of security for the users.

Usually items stored in SDB are items of high value where the owner feels it is not safe to keep them at home. In general, the cost of insurance for goods stored in a bank’s SDB is relatively cheaper.

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1. Security

The main advantage of this service is of course the security of the assets stored in it. Because the safe deposit box storage space is sturdy and equipped with a continuous security system for 24 hours. To open it, you need a key from the tenant and a key from the bank. Flexible.

2. Available in various sizes

In addition, usually the safe deposit box service itself is available in various sizes according to the needs of tenants for both individual tenants and business entities.

3. Easy

It was explained that the requirements for renting a safe deposit box were very easy. It is enough to open a savings account or current account (there are banks that do not require this, but charge different rates), then customers can use this service by paying a rental fee according to the conditions (depending on the bank and the size of the SDB).

1. Have an active savings or checking account at the service provider’s place (not all service providers require this)

2. Fill out the safe deposit box rental application form provided by the service provider

3. Show original proof of identity and/or attach photocopies of: – Individual : KTP/Passport/KIMS, passport photo – Company : Corporate identity, photocopy of identity of authorized management

4. Fill out the SDB rental agreement form and terms according to the provisions of the service provider

5. Follow all deposit rules and pay rent on time

1. There are fees charged to tenants, including rent, key collateral money and fines for late payment of rent.

2. Cannot store prohibited items in SDB.

3. Ensure that the keys stored by the customer are not lost or misused by other parties.

4. Shows stored goods if at any time required by the bank.

5. If the key held by the tenant is lost, then the key collateral money will be used as the cost of replacing the key and disassembling the SDB which must be witnessed by the tenant himself.

6. Have a table of contents of the SDB and keep photocopies of the document at home for reference.

7. The tenant is responsible if the stored goods cause direct or indirect losses to the bank and other tenants.

8. Must not keep items that are prohibited either by law or based on service provider regulations.


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